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Winter Hunting Tips for 2014



Winter Hunting Tips for 2014

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Winter hunting brings on a completely new experience because of the unexpected elements you might run into. Moreover, animal behaviors and trailing patterns change with each season as they scout out food sources and shelter.

As a hunter baring the cold of the winter months, switching hunting tactics can be enormously beneficial and knowing where and how to start are vitally important. When it comes to late-season hunting, deer and other game are frazzled from the hunting pressure so they often seek out new cover near food sources and stay tight. This means that the spot you so heavily scoped out in the fall won’t necessarily be the right one now so move on to new territory.

Other winter hunting tips include:

  • Deer and other game often lie down facing the wind so traveling with a breeze perpendicular in your direction is a wise idea, especially in bedding areas.
  • In the late season, bucks have a tendency to seek food sources in the last few minutes of daylight and then browse grain fields in the dark. It might serve you well to hunt during these times.
  • Also in the late season when there is a heavy snowfall that provides coverage, game tend to make ground during daylight hours rather than their typical pattern to browse at night.
  • Follow any tracks you spot, even if you suspect they are old. The trail may lead you to where a group of game are resting and searching for food source.
  • Take your time. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and be too quick-paced. When the game you’re hunting feels the pressure of the strenuous task of avoiding hunters you can’t afford to make mistakes.

As the days of late-season hunting begin to dwindle, enjoy the experience and good luck with your hunt. For expert guided hunts throughout all hunting seasons, contact Krooked River Ranch today.

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