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Turkey Seasons Right around the Corner…



Turkey Seasons Right around the Corner…

Posted by Texas Best Outfitters in Turkey Hunting

Turkey season is right around the corner – only a few short weeks away! Mid-March through April is that time of year again, so prepare for the season and your upcoming hunting trip.

Due to the challenging nature of the hunt, there are a few tips and trick that can help you have a successful trip from start to end. Getting your hands on an updated map of the area is a good start. Once you get a lay of the land, drive through the back roads right around dawn and stop your vehicle around high points of elevation, ridges, rivers or creeks and listen for gobbling. Mark the areas where you heard turkeys and choose a few to explore further on foot.

Wild turkeys have very good vision so camouflage is imperative to this type of hunt. A suit, hat, facemask and gloves are all necessary to keep you blending in. Don’t forget dark colored socks as well. On foot, keep an eye out for scratching where turkeys may be feeding. If you see droppings or feathers, you are on the right track. Also look for turkey tracks that can help point you in the direction of the roost. Finding the roost is the best way to pick an advantageous spot to sit and wait for a turkey to come within range of your shot.

The shotgun and ammunition you use during your turkey hunt should deliver a thick, hard-hitting pellet pattern from 40-45 yards away from the bird. When shooting at the head and neck, dense pellets will hit and penetrate the vital areas necessary for killing the turkey. After preparation and waiting, this will be the most exciting part of the whole trip.

When you properly scout and prepare for a hunt, it can be one of the most exciting and rewarding hunts. Turkey, which are especially skittish, are out there waiting for you. Grab your gear, map and shotgun – turkey season is only a few short weeks away. What are you waiting for?

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