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Some Tips for the Bush: Part II



Some Tips for the Bush: Part II

Posted by Texas Best Outfitters in Hunting Tips

Hunters with limited experience lack many of the experience to pick up on the subtle queues. The second in our three part series, we are going to talk about how you can make the best out of your fall hunting this year, maximizing your tagging potential.


Scouting the land where you will be hunting is crucial to have a firm grasp on the terrain and maintaining confidence of the lay of the land. You obviously want to be mindful of deer runs and your proximity to them, but it is also helpful to know where streams, boulders, drop-offs, cliffs and other land features are hiding in the woods.

If your preferred spot is quite a ways away, you may want to go check it out in the summer, so you don’t have to waste trips during hunting season. Also, with the internet technology we enjoy today, you can even get a pretty thorough understanding of the lay of the land using various mapping sites. It also doesn’t hurt to scout multiple spots in the same location. Scouting is also helpful for picking the best spot for a tree stand.


As you hopefully already know, your stink is a massive red flag to red deer. They can detect it from almost 200 yards away. They get one whiff of you and they are bolting the complete opposite direction. To prevent any odor contamination, for starters, shower with scent free soap as late as possible prior to your hunting trip. And in order to alleviate any odor you produced between your shower and outpost, spray odor eliminator AFTER you reach your vantage point- especially about the head.

You can also keep down your stench sealing your hunting field coat and pants in sealed plastic bag until the moment you are ready to use them. Even adding some dirt and leaves to the bag keeps the natural odor of the woodlands strong. Also to prevent your odor from reaching deer, try to pay attention to wind direction. Staying as downwind as possible from your prey is highly effective for remaining as incognito as possible.

Of course there are many other tips for rookie hunters seeking veteran hunting results. Everything from firearms to paying attention to deer travel cycles to masking body odor can effect what kind of results you see out in the field. But the aforementioned are some of the most important components to deer hunting and the first steps to becoming an experienced woodsman.

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