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Some Tips for the Bush: Part I



Some Tips for the Bush: Part I

Posted by Texas Best Outfitters in Deer Hunting

There are some common mistakes hunters make when they are stalking. Fresher hunters with limited experience, especially, have yet to pick up on the subtle nuances of tracking. Getting to know your prey and developing the instincts of a veteran hunter aren’t something you can really start developing until you’re out there in the crisp autumn air learning them yourself.


If your antler rattling sounds as timid as two kittens playing patty cake, then you need to reevaluate your technique.   Bucks are among the largest, strongest animal throughout most of the North America. They weigh about 280 pounds each.

When they are in a territorial power smash, buck are going head to head with solid antler racks at full force. They are animals literally trying to rip each other’s heads off, and this doesn’t sound anything like a 2 year old learning how to tap dance. Smash those antlers together as hard as you can- replicating the sound of a 300-pound beast literally trying to smash to death its opposition. This is much more likely to attract the spectators you want than your wimpy little antler-clicking noise.

Time of Day

Do you really need a lesson on what time of day is best to bag a buck? Well, I guess if you don’t know by now, someone has to teach you. First off, everyone knows deer forage at night and seek cover in cornfields and thick forest by day. But did you know paying attention to the lunar phase is your best bet.

But how does the moon impact deer behavior? This is because deer are most active at the crack of dawn after dark-of-the-moon-periods, or when the moon cannot be detected against the sun or the sky. Theories suggest deer use the moon as guides for foraging throughout the night. And without it, they are hungry until the first light of dawn, when they collectively forage before seek cover in the later morning. This leaves you with herds of deer as soon as the sun comes up.

Of course there are many other tips for rookie hunters seeking veteran hunting results. Everything from firearms to paying attention to deer travel cycles to masking body odor can effect what kind of results you see out in the field. But the aforementioned are some important components to effective hunting and the first steps to becoming an experienced woodsman.

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