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No Hunting Like Texas Hunting



No Hunting Like Texas Hunting

Posted by Texas Best Outfitters in Hunting Tips

Being that we’re in Texas and we’re involved in the hunting industry, you better believe that we care deeply about gun culture in this country and our constitutional right to own firearms. It’s hard to trust politicians on either side of the issue. Maybe it’s because of all that empty talk.

A lot of the times it sounds like someone has left the vacuum cleaner on in another room and it just keeps going and going and going until it putters out and its dirty lungs collapse onto themselves. We don’t care much for empty talk. In fact, all hunters don’t care for empty talk; we appreciate action, people with courage doing things that seem brave and amazing, kind of like the three brave men who stopped an attack on a train in Europe.

Two of the three men were trained in the armed services, but despite that being a fact, the brave actions of these young men show that gun culture is an important aspect of growing up strong, able to tackle any situation. How exactly can you handle a situation of disarming a possible terrorist when you’ve never handled a gun before in your life? Or, even worse, never been around a gun or know what it sounds like? It would be impossible to disarm any situation with such a lack of knowledge, a knowledge that we hunters have and are proud to share.

Elisha Fieldstadt of NBC News writes, “The three American men who are being hailed as heroes for thwarting an attack on a Amsterdam-Paris train said the gunman could have done a lot more harm had they not acted on instinct and ambushed the gunman.”

Basically what happened is that these three men were riding a train from Amsterdam to Paris when suddenly they heard a gunshot in the back car. They saw a bit of commotion and knew they had to act or, as the one young man put it, “He never said a word…we saw him cocking the AK-47, so at that time it was either do something or die. Hiding or sitting back is not going to accomplish anything.”

Would such a good outcome have happened if these young men weren’t comfortable around firearms? We don’t think so. We salute those brave young men who saved many lives.

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