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Mastering the Hunt for Rio Grande Wild Turkeys



Mastering the Hunt for Rio Grande Wild Turkeys

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Turkey hunting is very popular, particularly right now when Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Turkey hunting requires a definite skill for each species of turkey, such as the Rio Grande.

This type of turkey, the Rio Grande, is well-known among hunters. This bird is quite intelligent, which can make the hunt both intimidating and challenging. Here are some tips to help you successfully catch a Rio Grande turkey.

First, you should be able to identify the wild Rio Grande turkey. The female hen is much smaller than the male, which is referred to as the gobbler. Generally, Rio Grande’s are 4 feet tall with disproportionately long legs. This turkey is more of a copper color with tail feathers and rump/coverts tipped with a more yellowish and tan color.

Inhabiting the brush near rivers, streams, pine and shrub oak forests, the Rio Grande turkey likes the open-country compared to wooded areas. The winter months are when you can usually spot hundreds of Rio Grande turkeys migrating together.

This type of turkey likes to explore away from their roost or nesting site, which means you might want to scout out an area 200 feet or so away from the roosting site.

Higher pitched calls work better for the Rio Grande in order to get their attention. This turkey usually has its next roost location mapped out before it leaves the current so it’s wise to pay close attention to patterns.

When hunting for the Rio Grande in wide-open spaces, try to move as little as possible. You can spot a Rio Grande from a far distance, but remember that they can also spot you.

As experienced hunters, we have the skills, tools and knowledge to help you become proficient in hunting the Rio Grande wild turkey. We are taking reservations for upcoming hunts so be sure to give us a call today.

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