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Guided Yucatan Quail Hunts

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Yucatan Blackthroated Bobwhite Quail Hunt

Interested in booking a hunting trip for black throated quail in the Yucatan Peninsula? These birds have never seen hunters before and hold well in ankle to shin high grass. We can book a variety of combo trips for people who like to have a fishing rod in theirs hands as well as a shotgun. Our outfitter, Galo, is very fluent in English and Spanish making it very easy to package any type of touring and hunting packages for the whole family or just that certain group.

Quail Hunt—Three days, four nights, six hunts Hunt package—$2895.00 per person
Duck/Quail Combo—Four days, five nights–two days quail–two days duck–$3295.00 per person

January thru March
Includes: meals, lodging, license and transportation from local airports–Cancun or Merida

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