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Four Tips to Help You Be Successful in Deer Hunting Season



Four Tips to Help You Be Successful in Deer Hunting Season

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Now that fall is upon us, it is the best time of the year to start dusting off your deer hunting gear and getting ready for the upcoming hunting season. We have a few tips to help you be sure to nail the buck that has been eluding you for the past few years. 

  1. Smell like the Part – when getting ready to go out before the sun comes over the horizon, try to use an odor free soap.  Your natural odor can scare off the dear. We recommend spraying some Doe Estrus Urine around the tree stand and the bucks will follow the trail of scent right to your tree stand.
  2. Use a rangefinder – guessing the distance to the gully, tree, or post can lead you to just miss that trophy by a few yards.  Using a range finder that has an angle-compensating feature will help you tell the distance that you need to aim for, not just the line of sight distance.
  3. Choose the right place to hunt – map or scout out the area that you are hunting for signs of deer. Using a trail cam in the days leading up to hunting season, you can spot out what is roaming around your area.
  4. Choose the right hunting weapon- rifles should be .243 caliber and larger and bows should have no less than a 45lb pull. Be sure to be proficient with your weapon before going on your 1st hunt. Being confident in yourself and with your gun can make all the difference.

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