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Earning the Big Bucks



Earning the Big Bucks

Posted by Texas Best Outfitters in Deer Hunting Hunting Tips

As November looms closer and closer, deer hunting season is to follow very soon thereafter. As you well know, the largest bucks are tagged within the first few hours of hunting season. But if you are occupied or just can’t go the first week of the season, there are a few tips to keep in mind when stalking your hunted.


What’s the top food source for woodland creatures as the fall months roll around- acorns. Where do acorns come from? oak trees. So when the hunting season finally opens, look for oak trees near a deer run and wait. Unless it’s late morning or mid-day, chances are you won’t be waiting very long.


We all know camo is incredibly useful for your hunt. It’s a need to succeed. But when the hotter temperatures roll in as soon as the sun sits at its highest perch, your heavy camo gear will encourage your body order. Replacing your camo gear with a few charcoal rubs on your face and hands will not only keep you invisible, it will also cut down on any odor your body is emitting. This is because the carbon in charcoal acts as a natural odor absorber.  


Deer love cornfields for a multitude of reasons. The cover from the stalks from the mid-summer right up to harvest season is second to none. Aside from protection, later standing corn in the early autumn months gives the deer some pretty easy grazing. Aside from the food source, dew from the corn husks in the early morning is also a huge draw.

So perching on the edge of a cornfield in a good tree stand is always an advisable option. In the early morning hours your best bet is catch them going into the fields in search of their daily protection. Waiting it out may take a few hours later in the day may be required before any solid sightings. Just make sure the farmer doesn’t have posted signs and if he does you are on the other side of the property line.

There you have it; a few quick tips on how to more effectively stalk your next buck. The earlier in the season you employ your tactics the better. Otherwise you will have to wait for the late season rut, something no one wants to wait for to tie their first tag.

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