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Bow Hunting Wild Turkey



Bow Hunting Wild Turkey

Posted by Texas Best Outfitters in Turkey Hunting

There are so many different types of animals that you can hunt these days, and just as many ways to hunt them as well. Bow hunting has become a more popular way of hunting game throughout the years, and hunting turkey with one seems to be the way to go. However, hunting any type of animal, let alone a turkey, is no easy task to do. Here are some tips in order to better your chances of bagging a turkey with your bow this fall.

First and foremost, you’ll want to get the turkey very close. Hide yourself from plain sight somewhere that the turkey won’t spot you. Set up some decoys around the perimeter that might draw the turkey in real close to you. The close the turkey can get the better, because you’ll want a clear shot that you have little chance of missing on. Also, using a man-made blind that you can construct from natural materials will help conceal your movements of picking up the bow and raising it to shoot.

We’ve all heard the expression, practice makes perfect and in this case it really does. Get yourself a 3-D turkey target and practice arrowing it on a regular basis. This will help you visualize and sight in your intended target when it comes time for the real thing. Make sure that you go out and choose turkey-specific broadheads when shooting. These will provide you with solid flight as well as a serious cutting diameter.

When getting ready to shoot, make sure that the turkey is in a calm and relaxed state. This will make it easier for you to shoot with more precision accuracy. Time your shot with a sure draw of the bow and a solid arrow release as well. Finally, place your shot on the neck’s base when the bird is facing you, or the wing butt or anal vent while turkeys face away from you. This will ensure that you drill it dead.

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